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Welcome to Marketing Emailer, the best email campaign management software for MS-Windows. 
Bulk-mailing your contact lists has never been easier!
Marketing Emailer Home Edition
Marketing Emailer Home Edition
Send email to your contact list with Marketing Emailer Home Edition in FOUR easy steps: 
  1. Load a contact list (CSV, XLS and XLSX file formats are supported); Select the column that contains the email address.
  2. Load a document template (Supported file formats include HTML, RTF, DOC and DOCX).
  3. Click 'Live Preview' to check the preview the merged email message before sending.
  4. Click 'Send Email' to start sending the email message to all contacts in the mailing list.
Features and benefits of Marketing Emailer Home Edition:
  • Easy and intuitive user interface
  • Powerful text macro feature can be used to individualize (ie customize) the email message sent to every contact based on data contained in the list data file
  • Target subsets of large contact lists, by creating custom filters on the data
  • Supports commonly used document file formats (CSV, XLS, HTML, RTF, DOC)
  • Preview merged email before sending

  • Quickly and easily send individualized emails to your contact lists. An ideal tool for entry-level commercial email marketers or small businesses.


2020-02-21: NEW VERSION 

Announcing the release of a brand new edition and complete remake of Marketing Emailer - the  Home Edition ver 1.0

Bulk-sending customized email to your contact groups has never been easier. This brand new Home Edition release is a completely new remake of the original and offers new features and improved email sending performance, while at the same time has been streamlined for simplicity and ease of use.