Marketing Emailer

Bulk emailer and contact list manager

The Marketing Emailer Home Edition software is targeted at business users who regularly need to send promotional or informational email to their audience. It makes sending bulk-email easy and fast. 

While the Home Edition has been designed to be simple and easy to use for the average computer user, it has also got helpful features and functionality that make it easy, quick and simple to send email blasts.

Home Edition - Main Features

1. Supports popular document and data file formats.

List data file formats supported: CSV, XLS, XLSX.

Email message template file formats supported: HTML, RTF, DOC, DOCX.

2. Contact list maintenance functions. 

Email validity checker for contact lists. Check and clean your contact lists by removing contacts with invalid email addresses.

Duplicate email cleaner for contact lists. Check for and remove duplicate email addresses from your contact lists.

3. Use simple text macros (eg. [%COL_1%], [%COL_2%] etc.) in the email message template to customize the emails

4. Preview what the merged email HTML content would look like before sending

5. Email sending status window provides a clear overview on sending progress and any errors

Technical Specifications

Marketing Emailer software sends HTML format email messages via an internet email server (the email server and email account parameters are set in the program by user) over SMTP protocol. The standard TCP ports used by SMTP email servers are:

  • 25: Standard SMTP (the connection is plain-text without encryption. Not recommended!)
  • 465: SMTP-SSL (the connection is secured with point to point SSL encryption)
  • 587: SMTP-SSL-TLS (the connection is secured with point to point SSL encryption and TLS secure connection support)

The software supports connection throttling to limit the # of messages sent in a given time frame (either Seconds or Minutes), a feature that would useful in cases when there are large contact lists, in order to avoid falling foul of the `spam-detection and blocking` rules that are configured in many SMTP and SMTP relay servers that exist on the www.